The Rebrand: Welcome to Go Live in 5®!


I had a day job with a fancy title. I was creating websites and brands for big companies and designing creative strategies for local organizations. But my fire was ignited late at night in my living room doing work for young, spunky creatives I met through Facebook groups or Instagram. While at the day job, the websites were taking months or even years to complete. It seemed silly. Why did it need to take so long? I realized: it didn’t!

I busted out on my own (which is a jazzed up way of saying I politely gave my two weeks notice and wrapped up all the loose ends) and met even more cool creatives who needed websites. I realized I could not only build websites faster, but with the right process, I could probably do it in a week. I love a good process, and turns out, I was right.

But I needed a name. Something catchy. Something clear. I was taking these sites live in 5 days… and so Go Live in 5® was born.

And then it grew. Slowly at first. But people started to catch on. They wanted something beautiful and didn’t want to wait. Sometimes they wanted a logo, but more often, they wanted a modern, unique website that was easy to use.

Five years later, Go Live in 5® is what I’m most known for. It’s always been under the June Mango® brand, but I realized this was stifling it. I needed to give Go Live in 5® room to breathe, so it could continue to grow.

So now Go Live in 5® will have its own space. There’s so much more I want to build and create and share with you! I’m practically bursting with it all! Now I have the room to do that - to let the roots stretch and expand on this little business.

Thank you for following along! To those that have been on this journey with me for years and to those I’m just meeting, I’m so grateful. Together, with this new identity, I look forward to starting the next chapter with the idea that started it all — the idea that with good design and a clear process, you can rock out your website in just 5 days.



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